"Cold Case intro" by DeVangiel

About Us

What is The Big Purple Tree?

The Tree is a network of artists that grows creativity and produces digital art and communications. We are a full-force, multimedia studio. We integrate video production, brand marketing, animation, graphic design, illustration, web development, sound engineering, and public relations into a workable & scalable system.

What we do.

We are all about big ideas – creating and delivering big ideas! Whether we are designing a new and distinct corporate identity, shooting web and TV commercials, animating eye-catching “sizzle” advertisements, or designing delicious eye candy we are persuasively communicating big ideas. Those ideas are our client’s message, and we capture,¬†illustrate, animate, condense, and prime that message for broadcast and distribution to the public. We boost company’s public perception, create brands, and drive business.

We are The Big Purple Tree. Discover what we can do for you!