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Crowdsourcing Policy

What are crowdsourcing, spec-design, and spec-work?

Crowdsourcing, spec-design, and spec-work means work done, for free, under the speculation that if the client likes your finished work, then they will choose you for the account, and then you will get paid. Of course, if they don’t like your already performed and individualized work, they will still keep the customized and completed products, just not pay for them.

After you do the work, “If you do not get chosen, you do not get paid.”

The Big Purple Tree strongly opposes and discourages the practices of crowdsourcing and spec-work. We never offer normal contractual design work under the guise of spec-design, crowdsourcing, or a dubious project-based design contest.

Crowdsourcing is a mercilessly growing, destructive phenomenon in the creative industry. Fueled by a disruptive economic recession, among other factors, the increasing use of crowdsourcing, or spec-work, is ever more detrimental to the creative community as some unethical cost-cutting businesses implement this strategy into their regular business practice. Crowdsourcing devalues the product of the creative industry and reduces the overall quality of creative material produced since most contributors working on spec design projects are working without pay.

Spec-design and crowdsourcing transform design and creative professionals into unpaid hopefuls surviving on hope instead of compensation. Working under spec-design puts tens of thousands of freelance design professionals into a financial quagmire, and it turns the creative industry into an owed, amateur, and disinterested workforce.


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