"Cold Case intro" by DeVangiel

Gabardi and Son Infill Plane Video

Nearly a year ago, Matt Hodgson of Gabardi and Son Tool Works (¬†hired us to produce a ‘how to video’ for his business. In it, he explained the full process and finer details of crafting your own dovetail joints. The video has been exclusively available as a DVD, and as of this this week, it . . . → Read More: Gabardi and Son Infill Plane Video

Police Academy – Legal Training

Since we’re producing the entire series of Academy videos, why not show the legal training clip. We’re showing that police work is rooted in constitutional law. This one is short and sweet – promise.

. . . → Read More: Police Academy – Legal Training

Police Academy Episode – Gearing Up

Here’s our latest production. The Police Recruits talk about gearing up and being welcomed to the academy by the chief himself.

You also can see the chief’s entire speech by following this link.

Thank you Ryan K. for finding the broken video links on this page!

. . . → Read More: Police Academy Episode – Gearing Up

New Graphics – Retro Sun Poster

Check out this graphic made by JW in photoshop. 90s-ish? The original leaf and Big Purple Tree logo are made by iheartconstance.

The New Corporate Identity

The Big Purple Tree is rocking in the new year in style. Many corporate resolutions have been made and we will work on implementing the changes associated with these very early this year. We have already started with the make-over of this site: switching from a web 1.o format to an interactive blog (we love . . . → Read More: The New Corporate Identity

New Blog Format For The Big Purple Tree Creative Studio

TBPT (The Big Purple Tree) has a new blog set up to keep people updated. This new setup is a vast improvement over the previous system that required us to upload and overwrite previous pages via ftp every time! There is even an easy RSS feed through RSS 2.0, RSS ¬†.92 and . . . → Read More: New Blog Format For The Big Purple Tree Creative Studio

The New Big Purple Tree

Welcome to the new Big Purple Tree! Now you’ll find more content, more news, more blogs, more explosions, and more reason to come back.