"Cold Case intro" by DeVangiel

Police Academy – Legal Training

Since we’re producing the entire series of Academy videos, why not show the legal training clip. We’re showing that police work is rooted in constitutional law. This one is short and sweet – promise.

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Police Academy Episode – Gearing Up

Here’s our latest production. The Police Recruits talk about gearing up and being welcomed to the academy by the chief himself.

You also can see the chief’s entire speech by following this link.

Thank you Ryan K. for finding the broken video links on this page!

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Commercial – Concert Ad – Split Lid

Split Lid is a Rock/Metal/Alternative band on the rise. As part of their independent-label promotion, they had The Big Purple Tree make a promo ad for their next show on February 5, 2010. The concert in the video ad was shot during a performance at 5 Monkeys on January 8, 2010. ┬áSplit Lid has a . . . → Read More: Commercial – Concert Ad – Split Lid

Taser video

This video was produced for the SLC Police to demonstrate Taser training their new recruits go through. This is a PG-13 video and not for the squeamish.

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