Snowboarding Super Pipe

The Olympic Snowboarding Super Pipe Qualifier was an event of massive proportions. Held in Park City, UT on January 23, 2010, the competition among pro-snowboarding athletes drew a crowd of hundreds if not thousands of fans and spectators.

Through a connection with a friend (thanks E.K.!) we had press/media passes and got right up close to the action at the base of the super half pipe. Sadly, we didn’t have our production equipment with us to take full advantage of our killer view, but we did have a little digital Kodak camera. So, we snapped a few photos, and we couldn’t resist recording a couple of video clips for you.

Click the photos for a larger view.

Getting Inverted

Board grab

Barrel Roll

TBPT leaf

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  • Next we have this lovely fashionista rocking mixed patterns to a New York Fashion Week event. Choosing to wear a polka dot pair of pants, simple black top belted with a tan belt, paired with this animal print small shoulder bag fashion smarts.

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  • and handbags also add new elements, such as the Keepall travel bag and launched Mon Monogram Speedy

  • Several jogging boots and shoes use a modest completed main or even “rocker bottom” that assists so that you can move the actual fats from your high heel to the digit. Cardiovascular ShoesAerobic boots or shoes wish to grown to be light-weight so that you can make with regard to cardiovascular exercise demanding fitness, extra padding in just really the only within the shot considering the feet to defend from the shoe lethargy plus tension.

  • Thus choosing like pre-owned tote is without a doubt one more solution that may allows you to take pleasure in the category together with high quality in a offer with out dedicate substantial chunks in dollars..

  • So what does a young designer do after showing his collection in New York's Bryant Park tents? Co-hosts a huge warehouse party with Erin Wasson (who styled the show), featuring top DJ Steve Aoki, of course.Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found She’s always had her finger on the pulse of , and yesterday flaunted her style credentials once more as she stepped out in a colourful spring ensemble.The superstar singer was snapped leaving a hotel in New York wearing a neon bright pink top by Michael Kors and a multi-coloured printed skirt by Etro, bringing a touch of the exotic to the streets of NYC.She accessorised her look with black pointy courts and a matching Alexander Wang shoulder bag, as well as large hoop earrings, round-frame sunnies and a hat. It’s been a real for the songstress in the Big Apple recently, with her mother, Tina Knowles, joining her on the NYC outing. Earlier this week, she was also spotted heading out for dinner cradling in a furry knit with sister Solange.But what do you think of Beyonce’s latest look? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments box below…£25Fashion has embraced its rosy side for the new season, with designers dipping into every imaginable shade of pink for their spring/summer '09 shows.At John Galliano, vivid fuschia was the hue of choice, while bubblegums ruled at Alexander Wang and Marni. Pink-on-pink was favoured at Sinha-Stanic and Pollini, and resulted in a riot of shades at Richard Nicoll, where coral, cerise, carmine and rose clashed for a pretty in pink fanfare.The high street has been quick to follow, and the tint has cropped up as a favourite across the spring offerings at Reiss, H&M and ASOS (note ). If the top-to-toe look isn't for you, then add a hint of the shade to your wardrobe, with this M&S Limited sweet silk top.Review byLucy HutchingsWith alumni that include John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and , Central Saint Martins has produced some of the most exciting British design talent of all time.So when watching the esteemed college's BA (Honours) graduate show, you can guarantee that you will be spotting fashion's faces of the future. 2008's group of forty BA (Honours) graduates, who presented their final collections last night at Bethnal Green's York Hall, did not fail to live up to the high expectations.Knitwear was particularly strong, with highlights including Orla Savage's quirky hot-pink fringed minidresses and the aqua-hued cocoon knits of Andrew Yates. Ingrid Hass is surely a name to watch; her beautifully intricate tapestry shift dress made a stunning opening look. Liberty print bubble skirts and country-scene knitted tees completed the collection, which had us lusting for English spring gardens (and for Hass's sweet stripy cashmere!).The knitwear department also provided the first runner-up for the evening's other purpose – the presentation of the L'Oréal Professionnel Award for young talent.Rachel Chan's delicately embellished minidresses, in Aztec style knits, proved a worthy first runner-up, although the prize was reserved for Alithia Spuri-Zampetti, whose oversized graphic headpieces teamed with colour block body-con dresses won over the prestigious judging panel.Final mention must go to Vega Zaishi Wang, whose ethereal pure white collection was delicately illuminated by concealed panels of soft green light. A beautiful spectacle, which brought an atmosphere of instant calm to the East London venue.When the fashion world starts to embrace the world of baskets and pumps you know it's a trend, and the newest designer to become involved in cycling chic is who yesterday unveiled his collaboration with Sky Ride.The limited edition snakeskin bag, made of reflective material, comes in a choice of two colours – hot pink or turquoise. The London designer explained that being a keen cyclist himself he knew as well as looking good it had to be functional too: 'It's the ideal shape and size to use on your bike but also at work or out with friends. Hopefully it will help to dispel the myth that being active means having to sacrifice your sense of style.' Sky Ride is a national campaign from British Cycling and Sky to get one million more people cycling regularly by 2013. Friendly local rides led by British Cycling Ride leaders are currently taking place every Sunday until October. So what should budding cyclists inspired by the epic Olympic triumphs of Chris Hoy and Marie Claire interviewee Victoria Pendleton team with their Giles bag? We suggest a simple tee from , luxe slippers a la Charlotte Olympia and a quirky helmet from Sawako Furuno. All perfect for pushing the pedals and gaining style points. The Giles for Sky Ride bag priced at £40, will be available to buy online at from the beginning of October. are no strangers to the limelight. But the couple were uncharacteristically camera shy when they snuck into Liberty’s London store on Monday evening. The parents-to-be were on their way to the Love magazine/Alexander Wang fashion week bash at the store when they were spotted. But it seems the famous couple decided to combine their trip with a secret shopping spree, and took a quick detour after being given private access to the shop.A spokesman for the pair confirmed they 'perused the store on the way to the Love party.’ But staff at the shop were a little more forthcoming, and even Tweeting about activities during the night. 'Our @Liberty_Stephen has been shopping with in our Menswear dept,' a spokesman Tweeted, adding: ‘David picked out a number of items from the new Double RL (Ralph Lauren) corner.'But it seems were exhausted by their trip, and stayed just 45 minutes when they finally made it upstairs to the party. And claiming they were on a ‘private matter’ the couple were clearly in no mood for posing for pictures, and snuck out a side entrance.‘They left by a side entrance with the store’s security guards blocking photographers,’ one onlooker added. Inside the bash, celebs including Alex Chung and Yasmin Sewell partied into the night, and were treated to a performance from music star Beth Ditto.  couldn't contain his pride as he posted photos of latest magazine cover shoot on his Facebook page. The footballer uploaded the snaps from VB's recent shoot with French magazine Madame Figaro with the caption: 'Check out Victoria on the cover of Madame Figaro, she looks great! The shots were taken by talented British Photographer, Greg Williams, hope you like them.' How's that for a supportive husband!There's no denying that the mother-of-four looks fantastic on the two covers, on which she's rocking Prada and Alexander Wang bodysuits. With her hair pinned back into a bouncy bob, VB looks utterly gorgeous and it's no wonder her Golden Balls is so proud!Good work, Posh!After a season of harems and jodphurs, we are happy to welcome back the simple leg-lengthening trouser – a wardrobe staple for all of us! The Trouser Room offers personalised tailored trousers so whether you are lusting after Gucci’s uber chic bootlegs or cropped stove pipes at Alexander Wang, you can find a similar look to suit– that actually fits!With 4 classic styles – straight, boot, wide and palazzo – and in-between sizes, you can order and re-order until you find your ideal tailormade combo…Visit and get delivered to the comfort of your own home – for less time shopping and more time wearing! Now just add a silky blouse and heels… Braids at Paul SmithBraids came in all shapes and sizes on the catwalks, twisted and pinned into gravity-defying shapes. From sleek and sporty at Jaeger to sharp and sculptural at Paul Smith, it was definitely the season for hair to do the twist.For a shiny, glass-like effect on your braids try , £11.60 and to make your style last longer use , £2.99She’s always had an enviable athletic physique, but now has showed off what tip-top shape she’s truly in with a sporty new shoot in V magazine where she dresses up as a boxer.The American Idol judge can be seen striking a series of boxing poses in a 12-page spread, shot by superstar photographer Mario Testino, for the special sports issue of the style title.In some images J.Lo wears a cropped Emporio Armani vest top, padded boxing gloves and a full-on men’s groin protector, which creates a tough look that were not used to seeing from the glamorous star.In another series of black and white shots the actress can be seen snarling at the camera wearing nothing but a pair of white boxing gloves. Greased back hair and a strong dark brow complete the androgynous look.Elsewhere in the shoot, styled by former magazine editor Carine Roitfeld, J.Lo mixes the likes of an embellished Prada jacket, a bejewelled bodysuit by Dolce & Gabbana and an edgy Alexander Wang leather jacket with more sportswear.The pictures, which hit newsstands with the magazine next week, are a stark contrast to her usually glamorous style, most recently seen at last weekend’s where she dazzled in a figure-hugging striped gown by Zuhair Murad.Visit the to see the complete shoot. What do you think of J.Lo’s boxing shoot? Do you like the pictures? Do you not? Tell us in the comments box below… Corsage-covered at , fringed and furry at … yup, there's no doubt about it – clogs are clomping back into the fashion spotlight for spring. But how to walk in those sky-high wooden soles? Hurrah for – we've just found out they've teamed up with the maestros of the comfy shoe, , for a collection of five styles.Available to buy online from this week, the collection ranges from low to high, all featuring the classic Scholl solid beechwood sole and signature buckle.We love the Marijike, £200, which combines hippy chic with a whiff of urban -style sports styling. How very spring/summer 10! Rocking a revealing black lace Prabal Gurung gown and Kwait jewels, was joined by some A-list friends at the surreal launch of her new perfume, Fame. The Born This Way singer arrived at the Guggenheim Museum in New York atop a red convertible, before making her entrance in a typically bonkers floral robe.Once inside, the eccentric singer launched her debut fragrance from inside a life-sized perfume bottle where she received a tattoo while applying make-up and playing on an Ipad. Oh and then pee-ed in a bowl. Like you do.The masquerade black tie event featured a few hundred people dressed up in eye masks and headgear, with celebrity attendees including , Yoko Ono, , and .Naturally, Marie Claire was there too, with beauty writer Cassie Steer spilling the beans on the bonkers bash: 'Last night will certainly go down as one of the more surreal of my life. From the fabulous venue, to the people (hanging at the bar with for one) and the, er, pee (as part of her performance art relieved herself in a bowl!). 'It's one I won't be forgetting in a hurry!'Wow!Will you buy a bottle 's perfume (bear in mind it's made up of notes of sweat, blood and semen)? Let us know what you reckon in the comment box below.  made a fabulous return to the public eye, just over a month after it was revealed that her husband, Rupert Sanders, had been having an affair with . The model first took to the catwalk for Alexander Wang's spring/summer 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week, before jetting across the pond and attending a stylish London Fashion Week party at The Serpentine gallery – with a mystery new man in tow. The 33-year-old and her male friend rubbed shoulders with the likes of Kate Moss, Tali Lennox, Princess Eugenie, Kelly Osbourne and Harry Styles at the Future Contemporaries party, before heading on to the Groucho club, where they were later photographed leaving the venue holding hands. It emerged last month that Liberty's Snow White and the Huntsman director husband had been cheating on her with , and while it's being reported that is said to have forgiven Kristen, it's still not known whether Liberty will try to make a go of things with Sanders. Either way, it's great to see a smile back on her face.It's little wonder she's been dubbed the 'First Lady of Fashion.' paid tribute to late British designer last night, when she wore a spectacular regal red gown to a State Dinner at the White House.While renowned for championing emerging design talents and little-known labels, Michelle usually tends to promote American-based brands – so it was a refreshing change to see her flying the flag for British style, particularly on such a high-profile occasion.And of course, it was a great honour for McQueen's design successor, Sarah Burton – who took up the helm of the fashion house in the wake of his . The ruffled, organza creation was a modified version of the finale piece from the Resort 2011 collection, the first under Sarah's eye.The First Lady teamed her standout frock with dazzling droplet earrings, an elegant updo and a black fringed shawl. The Obamas were hosting a grand State Dinner at the White House, in honour of the Chinese President, Hu Jintao – the first for a Chinese leader in 13 years.What do you make of Michelle's British style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!Wow! is that really you? The brunette beauty was almost unrecognisable as she wore a blonde wig for a magazine photoshoot in New York this weekend. The Australian model hid her trademark brunette locks beneath the fringed blonde wig and wore some feline '60s-inspied eye make-up as she made her way to the NYC location for the shoot. The 29-year-old turned even more heads than usual wearing a futuristic ensemble consisting of a silver sequined slogan top, a pair of turquoise scale-effect trousers and silver lace-up boots.Once the shoot had wrapped, however, Miranda was back to her usual effortlessly glam style leaving work in a printed top and denim shorts, which she accessorised with a pair of multi-coloured strappy heels, an Alexander Wang handbag and sunglasses.What do you think of in the blonde wig? Do you like her as a blonde? Or does she look better with her natural brunette tresses? Tell us in the comments box below…Highlights of the weekend's shows included gothic tailoring from , coats-a-plenty from DKNY and prim masculinity at . began with supermodel Natalia Vodianova wearing a buttoned up tailored pinstripe jacket. And thigh-high socks. Yes folks, there's a trendspot from the off – many of Wu's models were styled with legwarmers/socks that stopped midway up the thigh teamed with long jackets, short skirts or long shorts. We look forward to seeing those in Topshop come next autumn.The feel of the show was 80s Wall Street with a touch of goth, although Wang said the goth part was actually freewheeling gypsies. 'It's about women who make money and women who steal money,' he said. Very politically correct of him. The outfits were jigsaw-like: jackets and waistcoats were tailored for men, but deconstructed and taken apart leaving expanses of bare flesh visible to the eye. Texture came in the form of strips of fur and velvet on the woollen jackets. For eveningwear the pinstripes seen in his suits appeared picked out in pearls on velvet jackets and skirts. Velvet cape dresses and pieces embellished with lace came in a colour palette of 'Old Italian Renaissance' – inky blacks, emerald greens and mustard yellows.This was designer . They came in all shapes and sizes. From masculine peacoats and boyfriend blazers, to cute fitted riding jackets with leather trim. Appearing in a beautiful array of autumnal colours – camel, grey, off-white and burgundy – they were made out of heavy wool and angora. On dresses Karan played around with colour and texture working with small strips of material of all different kinds. It made for a very modern look with pops of silver giving a light touch to the collection. <img src="/imageBank/j/JasonWu427.jpg" border="0" alt=" – New York fashion

  • This is Alexander Wang’s shoulder bag, is to do old, worn out of shape, and look like the back of the bag for 20 years. The trenof this section a small day pack love Houlinsailuo Korea, adding the wait in addition to the dinner, the other time with this package. Mottled colors, casual classics, exudes a stylish feel without affectation.

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  • Snowboarding Super Pipe « Jared and Constance

  • Snowboarding Super Pipe « Jared and Constance

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