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STAT!Ref Demo video

Here’s one of our video projects produced for STAT!Ref. Take a look!

Short Film Chemistry Premieres at SLFS Festival

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah—May, 10 2011—The Big Purple Tree Creative Studio today premiered it’s newest short film Chemistry at the Tower Theater. This short film premiered as part of the festival’s audience award competition for shorts. Director Jared Watkins and writer Constance Watkins attended the screening. The Tower Theater is one of the Sundance Film Festival’s main recurring venues.


Chemistry Image small

Still from film.

 © 2011 The Big Purple Tree

Online Tutorial video

Here is another sample of our work. This is an online tutorial designed as a walk through for an online form. The client believed the form itself may present navigation problems for some users, and hired us to make 2 screen capture style walkthrough videos – 1 in English and the other in Spanish.

The embedded video here goes to the Spanish version. Once there, be sure to use the YouTube annotation link to see the English version too!


Direct link:

Police Building Clearing Training

Here’s one of our latest public production. The police recruits learn techniques for clearing buildings.


Gabardi and Son Infill Plane Video

Nearly a year ago, Matt Hodgson of Gabardi and Son Tool Works ( hired us to produce a ‘how to video’ for his business. In it, he explained the full process and finer details of crafting your own dovetail joints. The video has been exclusively available as a DVD, and as of this this week, it has been made available on youtube. It is divided into 6 chapters

The video spends 1 hour explaining the complete process of hand-making a compound dovetail joint for an infill plane.

Matt Hodgson has received much praise in the woodworking world and is well known as a creator of high-end tools. For more information on infill planes and Gabardi and Son Tool Works, please visit or email Matt Hodgson directly:

Jump to any part of the series, use the links below:

Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…
Part 4…
Part 5…
Part 6…


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Police Academy – Legal Training

Since we’re producing the entire series of Academy videos, why not show the legal training clip. We’re showing that police work is rooted in constitutional law. This one is short and sweet – promise.

Police Academy Episode – Gearing Up

Here’s our latest production. The Police Recruits talk about gearing up and being welcomed to the academy by the chief himself.

You also can see the chief’s entire speech by following this link.

Thank you Ryan K. for finding the broken video links on this page!

New Graphics – Retro Sun Poster

Check out this graphic made by JW in photoshop. 90s-ish? The original leaf and Big Purple Tree logo are made by iheartconstance.

TBPT leaf

A Portrait Worth 1000 Words

Check out this self-portrait using text. It uses 4 different fonts to say Jared and some descriptive text as filler. Look at the before & after and click for larger size images.